Table 4T

Table 4 T - Coffee Table

Design by Francesco Della Femina - 2013

Product Design
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About This Project

Table 4 T is an wrought iron table with tempered glass top handcrafted by skilled artisans. It casts an intriguing geometric  shape on the floor due to the symmetry of the structure.

A play upon words, 4 T was named after the four geometric T’s on the sides of this typical coffee table structure, which can be used “for tea”.


Size:  cm 90x90xh.45

Weight: kg. 45 (base kg. 20 + vetro kg. 25) / (base kg.20 + glass kg. 25)

Materials: Structure in black painted iron, table top in transparent tempered glass.

Variants: Rusted Iron, Painted Iron any RAL color,  Bras or Stainless Steel in various finishes, etc.